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Dr. Brandon Galbraith D.C. treats injuries and chronic pain through advanced physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques to help patients feel better faster.

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We strive to empower patients through clear and actionable education to help prevent and heal pain and injuries.

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We treat more than just back pain. Our team of specialists can resolve a wide range of conditions naturally and safely.

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Our state-of-the-art treatment options go beyond chiropractic care.

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Functional Rehabilitation

Focus on muscular imbalance or weakness to solve the root cause of pain

Chiropractic Care

Alleviate pain and restore mobility by applying controlled force to the affected joint

Shockwave Therapy

Patients often report significant imporvements after just one or two treatments

Dry Needling

An advanced physiotherapy modality that is widely used in the field of sports medicine


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Be Proactive About Your Health. We strive to empower patients through clear and actionable education to help prevent and heal pain and injuries.

Is your back really out?

Is your back really out?

Many times after I get done working on a patient they ask me, "hey doc was my back out?" Depending on how busy I am that day changes how I answer that question. If I am really behind I might say "well your back was pretty tight" or if I have time I will explain the...

Beating Vertigo

Beating Vertigo

On a weekly basis I'll get a patient that is suffering from vertigo. Some cases are so extreme that the vertigo becomes debilitating. The patient is afraid to drive or go out in fear the vertigo will kick in. Most of the patients, like this, who present to my office...

Treating restless leg syndrome and muscle cramps

Treating restless leg syndrome and muscle cramps

Every week I get a patient in the office that deals with restless leg syndrome or chronic muscle cramps. Most of the time they have been dealing with it for years; when often the solution is so very simple. If you are dealing with either of these problems I would...

Fixing chronic low back pain with home exercises

Fixing chronic low back pain with home exercises

Everyday I work with patients to help them with low back pain. Back pain will either be acute pain or chronic pain. Acute back pain will have a sudden onset and usually be described as sharp shooting pain. Chronic back pain will slowly accumulate and is often...

Bulging Disc, Low Back Pain, and Sciatica

Bulging Disc, Low Back Pain, and Sciatica

BULGING DISC, LOW BACK PAIN, AND SCIATICA? What do all of these things have in common? Well, quite often all three of these things accompany one another, meaning if you were to actually have a symptomatic disc bulge, it is possible to have low back pain with...

Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve

PINCHED NERVE? TRY FLOSSING Not the dance, and no not your teeth, but flossing your nerves. Yup, that’s right, we actually have the ability to floss the nerves within our extremities. We all know that your joints move and your muscles contract and stretch. But did you...

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing

DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING. SO WHAT? The ability to breathe is obviously important. However, what if I told you that a large portion of the population have dysfunctional breathing patterns? What does this mean? Essentially, a majority of adults happen to breathe with...